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Denver Video Guy is a full service video production company eager to help you make your video needs manageable.  Pretty much anything you can think of, we can deliver.  From weddings to concerts, school plays to pet videos.  We offer custom, unique videos in High Definition, created by professionals.  Our prices are the lowest around and vary depending on the project.  Take a look at some of the services we offer, but if you have something creative and unique in mind, we’d love to hear about it and work with you to make it a reality!


If you are searching for an affordable, but high-quality videographer for your wedding, look no further! We know the struggle of finding reliable, professional vendors without breaking the bank.  This is going to be the happiest day of your life, so take some of the stress out of your planning and hire us to record everything!

  • Our prices start at $1,000.  This includes a single videographer to record your ceremony and all the key moments from the reception such as the first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc.  We will then edit the footage into a condensed video that usually runs between 30 minutes and 1 hour.  The final video will be delivered to you on DVD with 3 copies included.

Extra features (prices in addition to our starting price):

  • $500 – Second videographer to ensure multiple angles of every important event on your day.
  • $50 – Upload to YouTube
  • $5 – Each additional DVD copy


One camera operator recording the entire ceremony and reception at a single venue.  Unedited, raw footage will be delivered by flash drive for only $700!


Let your story live on forever!  We will come to your home or a favorite location of your choosing and record your stories in your own words. You can focus on one specific time in your life or relive it all.  We will take your stories and edit them together with any pictures, videos, documents or memorabilia.  Each video is unique and we can accommodate most requests to make your video a timeless memory for you, your family and friends.

  • For $500, we will meet you and record an interview lasting up to 2 hours.  Your final product will be a DVD or Blu Ray ($10 additional cost) disk of your movie which usually runs between one and one and a half hours.
  • $50 per hour of additional time
  • $50 for uploading completed video to YouTube


From your children’s dance recital to high school sporting events to professional musicians, we can cover it all.  No project is too big or small. Don’t let a once in a lifetime performance go forgotten!

  • Prices start as low as $150. but final cost will depend on the specifics of your project.


Showcase your talents in a condensed video for prospective college recruiters and scouts.  Any sport, any age.  Have a highlight reel on hand to show off what you are best at.

  • Videos start at $150, but we offer a discount for groups of teammates.


Pitch yourself, your services and your products in a short commercial or extended demonstration.
  • Starting at $200, get yourself out there and reach new clients with an informative video explaining who you are and what you do!


Promote your business with an E-Business card.  A 30 second video for you to share through email, text or social media.  These are the standard length of a commercial and can be used as such.

Have something completely different in mind such as an anniversary or tribute video? We can do that as well as a composition of pictures and videos of a departed loved one…human or animal, a birthday party green screen fun booth, college sports recruiting video, kids drama or sports events and insurance video documentation.  We love creative ideas and can work with you to create your vision and make it a reality.  Prices will vary depending on requests.


We can convert your family movies you have on VHS and VHS-C to DVD or digital files.
$10 per hour of footage ($10 minimum)
$5 per additional DVD copy
$15 for simple edits (i.e. Opening titles or closing credits)
$30 for intermediate edits (i.e. Removing black spaces, enhancement of video and audio, opening titles, closing credits)
$50 for advanced editing (i.e. Adding music, picture inserts, video compilations, etc.)